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What’s grooving? I’m moving. I like your style of Womping! How charming, just a rapper. Load him up and eat that snapper! I want 16 pints of rum and then I go…

Bom Bom


perfect by name

Perfect Songs, one of the UK’s longest-running independent music publishers, enjoyed a commercial and creative renaissance in 2012. A management restructure, the hiring of new staff and signing of new talent lead to two UK No. 1 singles, Top 5 chart placings around the world, one of the highest profile TV ad synchs, and a string of movie placements.

Perfect Songs is part of the Sarm Music Group, whose chairman and founder is Trevor Horn CBE.  Perfect works in partnership with its sister companies to offer all songwriters special rates on studios and writing rooms (via Sarm Studios), rehearsal facilities and backline hire (via Music Bank) and record label infrastructure (via Stiff Records and ZTT Records).